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MARLINSTAR StarGuard Dry-Tech Longsleeve UPF 50+ Shirt‏

CODE: 050-M

Price: $69.99

There is nothing on the market today that is anything like the exclusive Arid Core Technology (ACT). The material will refrain from melting to temps up to 360'F. The fabric is not coated with anything, rather it is impregnated at the nano level. This system allows the properties to last and last. The loose fit S.T.A.R. Guard utilizes material that takes advantage of revolutionary technology. This is not a standard "Moisture management" shirt that simply wicks away sweat. Our material is much more sophisticated and takes advantage of a proprietary fluorocarbon technology that allows the material to literally assist in your own body's thermo-regulation process! Through nanotechnology, our clothing remains water repellent from the outside while allowing sweat to breathe through the fabric from the inside out, giving you the most comfortable environment available. If you are looking for sun protection then there is no product available offering such a light weight and comfortable shirt yet maintaining a full 50+UPF rating (Equivalent to 150+ SPF). From outdoor activities that involve water to simply getting some quality time in the sun, nothing compares to the S.T.A.R. GUARD!!!