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A True Fishing Love Story, MARLINSTAR…

People have the misconception of what the name Marlinstar represents. They look at the name and think that we are strictly about marlin fishing. This is not the case. We want to share the story of how we came to be MARLINSTAR.

The name MARLINSTAR, is a representation of my husband and I. My husband practically grew up on a boat in Dana Point, CA. He and his family are avid fishermen and women. I on the other hand fished, but only lake fishing when my dad or grandpas would take us. We always had a blast! My background was more in clothing. My cousin and I made custom made clothing for celebrities for events in Las Vegas, NV. My nickname was “star”.

Many years later, I met my soul mate! We talked about creating a company that involved both of our passions. His of fishing, and mine of making clothes. We just couldn’t come up with the right name. We were looking to move into a bigger house and we came across a house that just looked perfect from the outside. As we stepped up to the front door, it had a star welcome mat. I turned, looked at my husband and I was excited! It was a sign! This was the house! But my husband told me not to get excited as we had not even seen the inside yet.

As the door opened, we loved the wood floors and started to fall in love with the whole house. Then they took us outside to the backyard, and to both of our surprise…. There was a marlin flag flying from a tree in the backyard!!! That was it! This is our house! After we settled in, my husband started making his lures and we started talking about what to name our company again. We both looked at each other, smiled, and our company MARLINSTAR was born.

Our company MARLINSTAR is based from both of our fond memories of Salt and Freshwater fishing. We strive to come out with quality products that every type of fishermen/women can enjoy and begin creating their own fond memories of celebrating the fishing lifestyle with their friends and families, as we do ours!

Wishing you all the happiest of memories and tight lines!